Drågen Smokehouse




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Every day  8 am - 4 pm


A taste you will never forget


Artisan salted and juniper smoked with local herbs


About us

At the age of 18, Petter Aune left his family to work as a fisherman in Alaska. Only three years later, he became the fleet's youngest factory manager. Since then, Petter has been working all over the world - including USA, Russia and Antarctica.

In 2009 he bought the site that today is Drågen Smokehouse. "I was annoyed by all the poor products that are described as high quality smoked salmon. Most of them are mass fabricated, machine smoked on shelves of steel. Some are made in a hurry, without respecting the time it takes to give the fish the right taste and texture. We take pride in our craftsmanship and use only local, pure and natural  ingredients. Our reward is superior quality."



Famous for its outstanding quality and taste, Norwegian seafood is highly valued worldwide. 

Drågen Smokehouse products are fresh from the North Sea, processed by hand and without additives, within 24 hours after the harvesting of the fish. All natural from the western coast of Norway.

Drågen Smokehouse is Debio certified for ecological production, and has an export licence. Our products are distributed to several countries, as well as to over 80 Norwegian shops and restaurants. 


The Atlantic Road. Photo: Steinar Melby

The Origin

 Drågen Smokehouse is located in Møre og Romsdal, only a few kilometres from the Atlantic Road. Surrounded by wild and beautiful scenery, the small company smokes salmon and trout using locally grown juniper wood and herbs. Even the salt is local, refined by North Sea Salt Works at the neighbouring island Aukra. This is also where the fish is farmed and harvested.